Kenora, Ontario
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RCI Cruiser is a terrible deal.They suck you in with promises of excellent cruise value with free upgrades, plus an added free resort stay.

You can easily get a better cruise deal from a regular travel agent, never mind what can be found on the Internet. If you can go last minute you can get something for a quarter the price. They don't tell you you may have to pay hundreds in port fees that are included in other cruise packages. The resort inventory is absolutely horrible.

You're led to believe you are choosing from the regular RCI inventory, but in fact there is practically no inventory to choose from at all. You can do way better by choosing from RCI last minute or extra vacations, or just getting an Internet deal.

Don't buy this package!It's a ripoff!

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Kingswinford, England, United Kingdom #933022

Good ***, they drag their feet till cooling off period has passed then you are tied in, they promise to match every offer but do not match any, my cruise is almost £1000 more but until we go we don't know the exact price. Also, having been on lots of cruises, there are lots of details they have failed to ask or obtain from us, which other companies always want to know. It's our ruby anniversary and although I told them 100 times, not once did they ask if I wanted a celebration package.


I am already deep into this been paying monthly a year now, I also was NOT told about port fees and taxes, when I was almost ready to book I found out its a small room without a view even!we are frequent cruisers ( over 15 ) and when told plus port and taxes then plus a balcony I became very upset as the price was MORE than we usually pay for a whole cruise with an extended balcony.

PEOPLE please do not book this it's not as it seems!!!lots more but to upset to talk


Loveland, Ohio, United States #847449

total rip off

cannot book anything at the times you want

the extra cost is terrible

they said no blackout times however there is no availabilITY

for what I paid at the end I could have booked on my own and it would been cheaper



All the things described by others was true.Lies about the value; no true cancellation unless it was within a week of receipt.

A gift package promised had gift certificates that were no deal at all. Resort availability is next to none. Extra fees charged to book cruise were not announced until booking time and were considerable - like an extra 33% over what had already been charged. Customer service was horrible, insulting, and mean.

The fellow trying to sell cruise insurance called back at least 3 times and tried to persuade us to buy reminding us that the Titanic wasn't supposed to sink, but did?!?!?

What a pitch - but it was just a shadow of all the unprofessional activities underway.DO NOT BUY.

Raymond, Washington, United States #788634

Cruise to London--fine.Six night hotel room when we get there---sorry,nothing available.

Promise that they can get us home cheaper on a cruise than we can fly---sorry,no return cruises available. Tried to use our "SIX FREE NIGHTS " in combination with with weeks we have at our base condo in Mexico---yes but it will cost us $ 575.00 extra or they can put us in a condo 15 miles out of town !!! Called RCI EIGHT times and got cut off SEVEN of those times!!! Angry,upset,disappointed and fed up with these people---YOU BET.

When our contract with RCI runs out in two years we are through with RCI forever.

Thank you very much NOT!!!Member number 5121-04173

Bognor Regis, England, United Kingdom #779505

Totally agree this is a rip off.Booked a resort stay but before we travelled found out it was not the same hotel as was agreed, 4 star not 5 star, so cancelled it.

Now having difficulty in booking anything as nothing seems to be available from the limited resorts they give you. The cruise is also a rip off as there are lots of hidden extras, port fees etc., unless you can cruise from your local port. No flight prices included so you have to factor that in to your cost. Will never ever do the same package again.

My husband and I are constantly arguing about it so am stressed.Wish I had never agreed to this deal.


I too fell for the terrible deal, except I bought (2) $6,400.00 down the drain. Don't do it!!!!!


Wow!I am so surprised with the neg comments!

I purchased the package two years ago and it was a good deal! we did a med cruise which is worth $4000. then a week in Florida was really nice with a full suite and kitchen. this was followed by a second cruise in the eastern Caribbean.

I have travelled lots and I have had a half a dozen cruises. this deal can be a good one if you take specific cruises that aren't cheap and stay in expensive resorts, its then that you get the value.. I just bought two more packages. after our cruise on the Allure for two couples, one with a balcony over the ocean the other a inside room we will still have three cruises and two weeks to stay at a resort.

where can you get 5 cruises and two weeks at a resort for 6k..let me know because I will buy it in a heart beat!!

My past experience has been a good one!!

to polar bear #770583

I have one you can purchase.

Dallas, Texas, United States #727361

I agree. Package is very over priced compared to what you can purchase online or through travel agent. RCI Cruiser is a ripoff.

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