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I received several phone calls from Cruise and Resort Vacations offering this wonderful deal to RCI members. I was mainly interested in the Cruise offers as I had a lot of timeshare to use.

I was told that I would purchase credits that went against the cost of cruises at better rates than anyone else. I could choose cruises from their website, so I purchased a package at £2,499. This included certificates that gave us a bigger discount. I looked at their website, which was very poor and saw very few bargains compared to other competitors that don't charge a premium.

Found one to the Baltic via someone else's website and asked Cruise and Resort staff to give me a price which was very good so did the cruise and used the certificate. Gone back to look at other cruises, but because I have used the certificate I can't access their cruise website and the credits seem to be worthless as when I discuss various cruises they are not competitive. When I complain all they do is offer another package for £2,000.

No rebate or anything. Don't touch them, they are rogues.

HW, Kent Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Rci Cruise And Resort Vacations Vacation Package.

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